Functional Linkages

Functional Linkage with different Organizations

S.N. Name of Organisation Nature of Linkage / Collaboration
1 Department of Agriculture (ATMA, DASP, NFSM etc).
  1. Participation in training field days, demonstration, Kisan gosthies and kisan mela etc.
  2. Diagnostic survey.
  3. Participation in S.A.C meetings.
2 Department of Horticulture (Horticulture mission)
  1. Participation in training and demonstration, field day supply of beehives and boxes.
  2. Supply and distribution of fruit saplings and forestry plants.
3 Department of Animal Husbandry Participation in trainings, kisan mela,animal health camps, live stock, workshop/gosthi, vaccination and AI.
4 U. P. Bhumi Sudhar Nigam Participation in trainings and ushar reclamation programmes.
5 BAIF Participation in trainings, camps, SAC, artificial insemination and technical advises.
6 U.P.Agro, IFFCO and KRIBHCO Participation in trainings and kisan mela.
7 Soil & Water Conservation (Dept. of Agri.) Participation in trainings and water shed programmes.
8 Dept. of Fisheries and NEDA Fatehpur Participation in trainings, meetings, gosthi etc.
9 Jan Sikshan Sansthan, Pragya Gramothan Sansthan, AT media group, Nehru Yuva Sangthan and other NGO’s of Fatehpur Paricipation is Kisan mela formation of self-help groups.