Demonstration Units developed at KVK

Animal Unit

There are three Jersey cows and one calf at KVK, Thariaon, Fatehpur,Ours is the single KVK under jurisdiction of C.S. Azad Univ.&Tech, Kanpur having a well established and satisfactorily running Animal unit. It is serving the purpose of Method as well as Result demonstration of Jersy cross cows that are performing well under Eastern UP conditions. The farmers of the district Fatehpur and surrounding districts are taking due interest in Jersey cows. Green fodder cultivated at KVK farm and the by product of farm like wheat bhusa and rice straw are provided to the animals. In return the animal unit provides FYM for the farm and fresh dung for Vermicompost production.

Organic Manure Unit

There is one Organic manure production unit at the centre which includes one vermicompost bed, one Nadep compost bed and two pakka above ground manure pits. We are producing about 10 qt of Vermicompost, 10 qt of Nadep compost and 20 qt of pit compost. Nadep compost and pit compost is used at the KVK farm where we produced breeder seeds. Vermicompost is used in nutritional kitchen garden developed at KVK centre. The farmers of the district, surrounding district and other state come, see and taking the inspiration, developed Vermicompost unit at their back yards. The women are having particular interest in vermicomposting and about 22 farm women have developed Vermicompost units in the district Fatehpur.

Kitchen Garden

We have developed one Nutritional Organic Kitchen garden at KVK, Thariaon, Fatehpur. It is established in an area of 180 m2 (15m x 12m). One bed is of 3m x 3m and thus total 20 beds are established. The produced is consumed at the KVK and by the farmers. Different vegetables are sown in different beds according to the season. Only organic manures produced in the Organic manure unit are used for health purposes to make it purely an Organic Kitchen Garden. The Home scientist of KVK trains the farm women of the district in production of organic Kitchen garden. About 20 women have developed nutritional Kitchen garden around their houses.

Crop Cafeteria

One crop cafeteria having 24 beds is also being established at the KVK, Fatehpur in which different varieties of different crops, according to the season are laid out. The said crop cafeteria serves the purpose of demonstration for the learning of the farmers. The farmers of the district Fatehpur as well as surrounding districts and extension personnel of the district come at the centre and are inspired with the demonstration and next time they try to sow the prominent varieties of the cafeteria at their farm. About 6-7 varieties of the main cereal crop (rice as well as wheat) along with 2-3 varieties of seasonal pulses (rajmas, lentil, gram etc) are layed out each time in the cafeteria.