Important Activities conducted by KVK Fatehpur

  1. Survey of adopted villages.
  2. Formulation of Action Plan.
  3. Front line demonstration on Oilseeds and Pulses.
  4. Conducting On Farm Trials(OFT) for assessment and refinement of technologies.
  5. Conduct Front line demonstration on crops other than oilseed & pulses and allied enterprises.
  6. Conduct Training programme for practicing farmers and farm women.
  7. Conduct Vocational training for rural youths for employment and income generation.
  8. Conduct Training Programmes for extension functionaries.
  9. Conduct Training for lady link workers.
  10. To conduct and participate in sponsored training programmes of State Line Dept viz.- Agriculture, Horticulture,Veterinary,Dairy, Fisheries, Sericulture, DIRD, ATMA/DASP,RKVY, and NGO etc.
  11. Conduct Mass vaccination programme in co-ordination with Veterinary. Hospital.
  12. Conduct Farmers technical training programmes at Tehsil & Block level.
  13. Conduct Seed production programme at KVK farm as well as farmers field.
  14. Provide Farm advisory services – through Field days, Gosthi, Kisan mela, Exhibition etc.
  15. Publication of extension literatures, leaflets and pamphlets etc.
  16. Formation of seed villages.
  17. Formation of SHG with NGO.
  18. Participation in programme and strong linkage development with state line department.
  19. Formation of Chandra Shekhar Krishak Samiti and organized monthly meeting of farmers at KVK Thariaon.
  20. Conduct deworming programmes of cattle, buffalo, goat and sheap.
  21. Participation in District Level meetings of RKVY, NFSM, DASP, DIC of Bhumisudhar Nigam, Sub Mission on Agriculture implements etc.
  22. Other work assigned by Director Extension/Director, ATARI/DM Fatehpur.